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The Goal
  • Data acquisition: Sample size does matter to identify common and special cause variation.
  • Data acquisition frequency does matter to detect on time occurence of special cause.
  • Frequency of data acquisition and variability must be the same to visualize and quantify variation.
  • If you are interested in discovering the ins and outs of the variability of a process to avoid pitfalls in project management.

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Seminar Presenation
  • Welcome.
  • Introduction.
  • Demonstration with interactive simulator.
  • Data transfer.
  • Analysis.
  • Debate on outcomes.
  • Summary and takeway.
  • Conclusion: questions and answers.

Discussion Point: Problem Solving

Variation does matter in driving optimization project.
More you grow data collection, less you see variation.
Therefore, sample size does matter too.

Next Topic: Multi-Vari Chart

A multi-vari chart is used to display graphically the relationships between factors and a response.
Multi-vari chart is used to present analysis of variance data in a graphical form.
Multi vari chart is used to understand variation within data and between data.
Multi-vari charts are especially useful in understanding interactions.
This helps us to understand relationships, and root causes for variation.
Creating a multi-vari chart model is an essential factor in collecting the right data from a process to better analyze variations.


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