Process optimization

Improve Quality Level. Reduce Process Variability

Main Focus: Applying DMAIC Strategy through Interactive 6 Sigma Project Management training tool (I6SPMtt)

DMAIC roadmap & Project Management flowchart

The concept of the DMAIC roadmap follow the teaching standard model. Each step is illustrated by a LOS box (LOS: Learning outcome statment).

LOS contained in the study  material are designed to indicate what you should learn from each assignment to conduct project.

To facilitate the study the participant will use flashcards. The flashcards make the theory lighter and more attractive while having fun with the interactive simulator.

DMAIC Study Roadmap

DMAIC Project Mangement Flowchart


This PPS (Practical Problem Solving) roadmap is dedicated to monitoring project management.
We have prepared a comprehensive and easy to understand roadmap, which is designed to answer the right questions with the right answers and the right tools, to collect the right data to analyze

Project DMAIC Guide Line

Each DMAIC step, we have set up a flowchart which gives us a sequential path in order to assemble the useful information to characterize the process in the right end-to-end conditions in order to carry out a reliable optimization.

In conclusion, this approach is a guide line to drive a project to achieve the target objective:
Under control – Stable – Repeatable – Predictable.

DMAIC Project Management Flow Chart