Testimonials and Satisfactions

The True Testimonials

Testimonials are not commercial. They don’t speak because they are happy.

They are satisfied participants, and they say “We had a good experience, but”.

The word « but » makes the message sincere.

All feedback helps us improve.

Who has benefited from our know-how


  • HERS Arlon (Arlon Belgium)
  • Univerity of Luxembourg (Belval)
  • Learning Factory (Luxembourg)
  • HESTIM (Marocco)


  • BHP Billiton (South Africa-Mozmbic -Australia).
  • ARVATO (Europe)
  • CP Bourg (Belgium)
  • CAMECA (France)
  • SIGNAL ( France)
  • SEITON (France)
  • GSK (Belgium)
  • KONE (Finland)


  • CHU Godine (Belgium)
  • Clinique Esch sur Alzette (Luxembourg)


  • CPQP (USA)
  • SQII (USA)
  • LEAN HORIZON (England)
  • KMT (Belgium)
  • CVO-Europe (France)



Jea-Christophe Neuberg

Jea-Christophe Neuberg

Master en Sciences de l'ingenieur industriel et Master en Administration des entreprises

I learned a lot with this simple and pragmatic interactive method.

I have since stopped reading books stupidly.

And I have changed my reading method.

Now I just do research following the table of contents according the immediat needs



Lean Consultant

Two years ago, I have had theoritical six sigma training with a so called expert certification.

I am upset tha I could not start any six-sigma project, and I have forgotten almost all DMAIC tools and the strategy to conduct project.

Since I Followed the 3-day session workshop, I can confirm, that I know how to tackle Six-Sigma projects.

Thank you for this adventure.

Florbela Silveira

Florbela Silveira


What I mostly appreciated during the Lean Six Sigma training, is how dealing with projects goes beyond theoretical aspects.

Practice was for sure an added-value!
I have discovered quite a few pitfalls in running projects and learned a lot by making mistakes using the interactive simulators.

The importance of asking the ‘right’ questions and ‘critical thinking’ is a key feature in successfully leading a project! This training has definitely changed my way of thinking by identifying opportunities for improvement in many different areas.

Souad Mejri

Souad Mejri

Process Engineer

Having acquired the basics of Lean Six Sigma, following the intense theoretical Green Belt training.
I remained a little hunger, because I could not tackle a real word project. Which increased my frustration.
I had the opportunity to practice via the interactive virtual reality simulator. I learnt how to drive step by step an improvement project. I also learned how to structure the key stages of the project.
I advise anyone willing to progress in implementation of improvement strategy to follow this training “LEARNING BY DOING”
Many thanks to KEEPLEAN who helped me out.

Thank You

Thank You

Engineering Manager

For me the fact to apply learned tools on an interactive simulator is more user-friendly than a case study.

with this virtual reality simulator, we practice and see the behavior of the process when tuning parameters. It is funny and motivating

moreover I learned while having fun with a challenge to find the right optimization parameters.



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